Hi ! This is CMMC Campus

Welcome to Colonel Malek Medical College & Hospital, the center of excellence at the district of Manikganj. Our campus resides in the middle of greenery representing the union of nature and civilization. Our medical college stands almost 45 km away from Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh, and nearly two km north to the Manikganj central bus terminal. 

Campus life at CMMC is about making lifetime connections and being part of the community that helps the students become who they want to be. Jump in and find out about the dynamic and interconnected life at CMMC.

The beautiful 8th storied academic building is placed at the core of the campus. All the academic activities of Colonel Malek Medical College takes place in it. The huge academic building is full of facilities so that the students can achieve the best knowledge of medical science and also can gather for their humanitarian development and social activities.

Meetings and seminars take place regularly in the well organized conference room at the ground floor. Teachers, intern trainees, students can meet there for the academic and administrative purposes. 

You can enjoy your lecture classes in the 3 fully furnished lecture galleries inside the academic building. Each contains the capacity to hold 210 students at a time in a full air conditioned environment. All are fully equipped with modern audio-visual technology including projectors, laptops, and microphones & speakers with modern sound system.

A cafeteria is situated at the ground floor of the academic building which remains crowded with students during snack breaks & leisure time. 

A well decorated library with a rich collection of academic books is placed at the 2nd floor of the academic building. Students can read here from 8.00 am to 10.00 pm every working day with the free access to the necessary books. They can also take books out for a short period maintaining the terms and conditions. Medical education usually needs group study among 2 or more. There is enough space to sit together for study with discussion.

The library has separate corners for students & teachers. Also it has a “Bangabandhu corner” which contains a good collection of books related to the Liberation War and the life of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the father of the nation so that students can reminisce the history of today’s independent Bangladesh alongside academic studies.

They can play indoor games in the indoor sports room or outdoor games e.g. badminton in the open spaces inside the hostel boundary. The female hostel is named after the name of late mother of the honorable health minister of Bangladesh as Fouzia Malek Girls’ Hostel.

There are two separate 4-storied hostels for male and female students. Each of the hostels has a capacity to accommodate 200 students. Each of the living room is for 2-3 students and are equipped with sleeping couches, reading tables, chairs, cabinets and necessary electricity including shieling fans. There are a library room, a common room, a well equipped gymnasium, an indoor sports room, a prayer room, and also a common dining room with for lunch and dinner in each of the hostels. The pupil can study in their living rooms or in the library rooms.

A beautiful two storied mosque is situated just beside the hostels and the very nearer to the living area of the officers and other staffs to pray to almighty which is blessed with the Muslims all the time. 

The campus holds an architecturally developed 500 bedded hospital building which is the foundation of all the best medical treatments in Manikganj city. This is a teaching hospital in Manikganj. People can get tertiary care health service at government structure of facility in the field of medicine, surgery, gynae & obs Our medical college has well equipped Rt-PCR lab and Pathology Lab. The Rt-PCR lab of CMMC played the most vital role for the detection of COVID-19 specially in Manikganj when the pandemic broke out vastly. The pathology lab deals with various biological test including CBC, TSH, Lipid Profile etc. 

Last Updated on 26/03/2024